Let us share our family’s love of honey, candles, and bees with you!

Our urban bees have worked hard to produce some of the purest honey and wax products. We have collected these items and would like to share them with you and your family.

While I am the beekeeper, this is a family supported hobby and business. In the first year, it was just me and my two hives. When harvest season came, our total harvest was 117 pounds. Today, we have expanded to over 50 hives with harvest exceeding 3,000 pounds. Beyond the honey, I find it important to educate the youth and community on the importance of the honeybee. My wife and I often do presentations to schools, clubs, or small groups of people that want to know more about what we do and educate themselves on bees and pollination. People’s natural interest in the honeybee transcends race, gender, and age; everyone wants to know more about these furry, little insects. -Mike Peverill