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How Do I Decrystalize My Honey

I have often been asked why honey crystalizes and is it still safe to use after it has crystalized. The truth is, all honey will crystalize given the right conditions.

The right conditions:

  • Raw Honey – Raw Honey contains particulate matter that allow for a base to start crystallization
  • Greater than 70% sugar content
  • Stored below 64°F

Crystalized honey is still good. There are many ways to decrystalize small quantities of honey, the first thing to remember is to NEVER use a microwave to decrystalize honey.  The microwave will essentially destroy all the beneficial enzymes and properties of the honey. 

Below are a few of the methods which you can use in your home to decrystalize honey.

Boiling Water

Decrystalizing honey with boiling water works quite well, but never boil the water with the honey in it.  Bring the water to a boil, remove the pan from the heat and then place your jar of honey into the hot water.  Let the water cool until it reaches room temperature and check your honey.   If there is any crystallization left, you will need to continue to repeat the process until the honey is crystal free.   

Hot Water from Faucet  

Fill your sink or a container with the hottest water from your faucet and place the honey jar into the container.   

After water cools to room temperature, repeat these steps until all crystals are gone in the honey.  

Something to remember

Note: If your honey is in a plastic bottle the bottle may have a temperature limit of 140°F. If you exceed 140°F the bottle may begin to deform or lose shape.